Meet Liv Bennett - Vote November 5, 2019

Democratic Nominee for Allegheny County Council, District 13

Olivia "Liv" Bennett is a community activist running to represent District 13 for Allegheny County Council. 

Liv has spent several years fighting for justice in Allegheny County. Her interest in politics and activism began when she was a child, looking up to her father who held office as a Pittsburgh Public School Board member. Although he passed away when she was young, his impact continues to be a source of inspiration for her today. 

Raised in Manchester, Liv saw the detrimental effects of violence and economic hardship. Witnessing the painful outcomes of poverty and the crack epidemic in her community shaped her vision to create a better society. She is currently a resident of public housing in Northview Heights and can be found working with area leaders and partners to ensure local residents receive the resources that they need. Last year, she was involved in the process of opening the Northview Heights Public Safety Center in her neighborhood. She works with organizations such as Alliance for Police Accountability (APA) and is a mentor in the "Be a Middle School Mentor" for United Way. Liv is also an active member of Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh.

Liv graduated Magna Cum Laude from Carlow University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in business management and a minor in information technology. She will attend the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, where she will study Public Policy Management later this year.

Recently, Liv has been active protesting against police brutality, advocating for sensible gun control, and standing in solidarity with the Jewish community after the Tree of Life massacre. In January, she presented on a panel at the Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit discussing police accountability.

As County Councilwoman, she will be an outspoken proponent of environmental safeguards, demand paid sick days county-wide, advocate for affordable fares in public transportation, expand LGBTQIA+ protections, and relentlessly pursue policies that benefit people from all walks of life in Allegheny County.

Liv is married to her husband, Terrence, and has four children, Renee, Raquel, Donald III, and Dominic. They also have two grandchildren, Aiden and Alaya. She currently works for the University of Pittsburgh as a Basic Research Administrator. Liv feels that it would be a privilege and an honor to be elected to the County Council and represent the people of District 13.